.teeling - single malt - third release

After 23 attempts, master blender Alex Chasko was satisfied with the balance of the flavours in this third release in the Premium range of Teeling expressions. Completing their full range of non aged Irish whiskeys, this release consists of a vatting of five different wine casks including ex-Sherry, ex-Port, ex-Madeira, ex-White Burgundy, ex-Cabernet Sauvignon finished Irish Malt whiskeys.

.ancnoc - rutter

A rutter is a type of spade, used to size and separate peat blocks. It is also the name of this single malt whisky produced by the Knockdhu distillery in the Eastern Highlands of Scotland. The connection is easy; the normally unpeated malt the distillery uses has been dried with peat smoke for a change, which results in a pleasantly light, smoky dram.

.ancnoc - 1993

When we were at the Knockdhu distillery, we had tasted several anCnoc whiskies, every one of them sweet and gentle experience. We somehow received a miniature of the 1993 vintage which brought us back to the fond memories of that particular day.

.black maple hill - small batch straight bourbon

Some time ago Ansgar joined a "guess what label this image is part of" on twitter, posted by Shai. She miraculously found the correct bottle within a couple of minutes and Shai decided to send her a sample of the contents of the bottle, along with some other bourbons I still have to try.

.teeling - 26yo - gold reserve

"This Gold bottling of 26 Year Old Irish Single Malt is limited to only 1,000 bottles and comes from a handful of casks selected for their unique quality. Distilled in 1987 and initially matured in bourbon barrels for 25 years this whiskey is given extra maturation in French white Burgundy wine casks for a further 12 months to add an extra layer of complexity. This unique marrying process creates a beautiful bouquet of tropical fruit flavours that complement the deep layered malt and wood noted in the long decadent finish."

.wemyss - velvet fig

With only 6,000 bottles to spare worldwide, Wemyss malts have composed a blended malt (of unknown composition), that has fully matured in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks. As a golden Wemyss rule, the name of the whisky perfectly reflects the content of the bottle.

.tullibardine - 1993 - rum finish

Every now and again we speak to other whisky enthusiasts about our favourite hobby, which more often than not results in exchanging samples of purchased bottles. This one time, at bandcamp Maltstock we spoke to Jock Shaw, a professional whisky enthusiast, who at some point ran away to his car and upon coming back to us, gave a threesome of samples, one of which was this...