.the benriach - 1997-2012 - g&m - cc

In the Northern areas of the Speyside region lies the Benriach distillery, known for a rich and fruity character of their spirit. In 1997, independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail purchased a batch of this spirit and matured it in their own refill ex-Sherry Hogsheads, to be bottled in 2012 for their 'Connoisseurs Choice' label, their very successful range of exclusive single malts.

.brora - 1982-2008 - g&m - cc

From the mothballed Brora distillery on the Clynelish site - one of my all-time favourite single malts, this was a highly anticipated dram to me. After having built the 'new' Clynelish site in 1969, the original site was shortly closed, to be reopened as 'Brora' and produce 'Caol Ila' style whisky for blending. Due to its own popularity, the distillery kept distilling until 1983, and is since then closed and mothballed.
My first ever Brora...

.wagging finger - gin - exercise #1

From independent single malt bottler to distillery owner and distiller, Erik Molenaar is living the dream. His first product (after only three months!) is a gin. From the first moment, it is a gin that can be measured amongst the big ones.

.kalkwijck - eastmoor - batch #1

In November 2011, distiller Lisanne Benus of Kalkwijck distillers decided to double distill a batch of malted barley and see where it would go three years later. the 150 bottles the cask delivered eventually was sold out within 24 hours, We were lucky enough to receive a sample of this first batch when we were at the distillery.

.port charlotte - pc8 - ar duthchas

In a series of cask strength releases, this eight year old Port Charlotte is from a batch of 30000 bottles, bottled in 2011, matured in ex-American Oak casks.

.port charlotte - cc:01

Designed for the Global Travel Retail market, so this Port Charlotte is only available next time you take a flight, and not via any other channels. Another heavily peated, Islay worthy whisky, with a full time maturation in French ex-Eau de Vie casks from the Western Cognac region.

.bruichladdich - the laddie eight

Another classic Bruichladdich. With the absence of the popular Ten and the rather young (but fine) NAS Classic editions, Bruichladdich now added an eight year old to their list of Global Travel Retail expressions. Put together from American and European oak eight year old matured spirit matured in the warehouses on Islay, she is a fruity and floral dram, that would not suit ill in our whisky cabinet.

.zuidam - aged gin

Following the same recipe as their 'normal' dry gin using fresh citrus fruit, Zuidam decided to age the product for a couple of months in new American Oak 200 liter casks. I, for one, am happy they have done so.

.kalkwijck - jonge jenever

In Vroomshoop, in the East of the Netherlands, Kalkwijck distillers produces many traditional Dutch distillates, this jonge jenever being one of them. Crafted with local products, grown from the family's 300 hectares land.

.kalkwijck - graanjenever

Since 2009 Lisanne Benus distills spirits on her family lands. One of these distillates is the Kalkwijck graanjenever, traditionally distilled from a combination of grains and malts coming from their own lands.

.port charlotte - 10yo - the maltman

From the lovely Bruichladdich distillery on the gorgeous isle of Islay, comes this Port Charlotte, cared for and bottled by the nice people of the Maltman.

.girvan - 25yo - old particular

Douglas Laing, one of the well known independent bottlers, have an Old Particular range, where they present single casks of whisky that has reached a certain age at cask strength, which includes single grains...

.tomatin - 12yo - cask #2036

When we were at the distillery in May 2014, we purchased two bottles of their bottle your own casks. One was an ex-Bourbon, one an ex-Sherry cask, which appeared to be the two soul survivors of the trip, safe a bunch of samples.

.the glenrothes - 16yo - old particular

I am not overly fond of the Glenrothes whiskies, mostly because most of them tent to give me rather extravagant sulphur notes. Some of the independent bottlers use their own casks, which seem to use an other policy regarding casks, which makes them a lot friendlier on the (my) nose and palate.

.ancnoc - tushkar

Designed for the Swedish market, but somehow, we got hold of a bottle. The anCnoc distillery normally uses a non-peated malt for their whiskies, but they have been experimenting with various levels of peatyness and named the results after various peat-cutting tools.

.compass box - this is not a luxury whisky

Inspired by RenĂ© Magritte's 1929 painting "the Treachery of Images", depicting a pipe with the text "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." (This is Not a Pipe) written below, this beautiful whisky might not be marketed as a Luxury whisky, it most definitely has every aspect of one...

.benromach - 15yo

A new style Benromach, naturally following their 10yo. With the same makeup as the 5, the 10 and the 100 proof, but, well, 15 years old...

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