.glen garioch - founders reserve

48% abv, €30, single malt, non-chill filtered, caramel E150 added

Nose: medicinal, used leather, spices, mint, citrus, blood-oranges, milk chocolate, sweet, vanilla
Palate: spicy, hot, closed. With a splash of water added; sweet, milk chocolate, citrus, oranges, apples
Finish: old cheese, new leather, medium dry, firm, long, citrus
Mark: +++/++

.balcones - 5th anniversary - brimstone resurrection

60,5% abv, €not for sale, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: wet dogs, wet wax coat, mint, burnt wood, ash, burnt bacon, inner tubes, coal tar, lavender (burnt)
Palate: coal, burnt wood, sweet, honey, burnt meat, ash, leather, burnt marshmallow
Finish: medium long, strong ash, burnt wood
Mark: +++/++

.balcones 5th anniversary straight malt - brimstone resurrection cask finish - #2696

58,3% abv, €140+, straight malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, custard porridge, caramel, floral, heather, cloves, lavender, eucalyptus, rubber
Palate: rough, semi-sweet, berries, cherries, sharp (more hot, really), leather & rubber hints, nuts, bbq sauce
Finish: sweet, vanilla porridge, sharp in the back, dry, aniseed
Mark: +++++

.balcones - 5th anniversary straight malt - rumble cask reserve finish

57,5% abv, €140, straight malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: harsh, glue, fresh, mint, menthol, eucalyptus (all of them), sweet, honey, pears, liquorish root, figs, earthy
Palate: sweet, syrup, nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, pistachio nuts
Finish: nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sweet, syrup, semi-dry, dark chocolate, overripe apples, caramel
Mark: ++++/+

.balcones - 5th anniversary - single barrel bourbon - 2nd release - barrel #1499

65,7% abv, €150+, bourbon, non-chill filtered, natural colour, single barrel

Nose: fresh, sweet, mint, eucalyptus, honey, toffee, fresh ground coffee, very dark chocolate, liquorice root, leather, aniseed, wood, syrup
Palate: sharp, green pepper, sweet, honey, honeycomb, citrus, lime, a hint of rubber, cloves
Finish: dark, firm, long, sweet, honey, hints of rubber and leather, slight tannins on the back of the tongue
Mark: +++++

.balcones - rumble - cask reserve

58,5% abv, €??, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: fresh, mint, menthol, toothpaste, sweet, honeycomb, vanilla, rosewater, fruit, bananas, kiwifruit, citrus, limes, leather, white chocolate, cinnamon, roses
Palate: sweet, honeycomb, honey, sharp, spicy, jalapeƱos, floral, clovers, citrus, lime, lemons, nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed
Finish: long, sweet, honeycomb, nutmeg, cinnamon, bananas
Mark: ++++/+

.longrow - cv

46% abv, €50, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, toffee, malty, fresh, a hint of smoke, slightly briny, fruit, apples, toffee apples, citrus, orange zest, sour unripe berries
Palate: sweet, toffee, spicy, white pepper, fruit, citrus, sweet blood-oranges
Finish: sweet, toffee, marmalade, slight bitter, medium long
Mark: +++++