.old ballantruan

Basically, this is peated Tomintoul, named after the distillery's water source. A whisky created from peated malt is still a rare sight in the Speyside region, but Tomintoul has had the nerve to try...

.tomintoul - with a peaty tang

From the Tomintoul distillery, in the beautiful Glenlivet estate deep into the Speyside region in the Highlands of Scotland, comes this mildly peated whisky. Nowadays more and more Speyside distilleries are experimenting with peated whiskies, in 2007 - when this was first released - it was quite unheard of...

.tomintoul - 21yo

Hidden away on the Glenlivet estate in the picturesque Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands lies one of the younger distilleries in Scotland, Tomintoul distillery - only founded in 1964. This 21yo whisky is the replacement of the discontinued 27yo, to fill the gap between the 16 and the 33yo.

.glenfiddich - sample 291006317

At some of his tastings Dutch Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Tony van Rooyen likes to surprise his guest with something he "found in the back of the car", with a sample he received from the distillery. A while back, we attended on of his "the secret of wood" masterclass, and because I was appointed to be the designated driver, he was kind enough to allow me to fill a sample bottle, with a special six to seven year old  Glenfiddich cask sample.

.sculte - almost 3yo

earlier in 2013, we were given a sample of Sculte which was not ready yet. This time, we were given another sample of the same spirit, that had been transferred into a different, previously used cask, in order to get some of the young off of the otherwise fine spirit.

.brenne - cask# 271

In the heart of the Cognac region in France, a third generation Cognac producer has started distilling single malt whisky. First being matured in new Limousine Oak casks and later finished in ex-Cognac casks, each cask is bottled individually, exactly when the cask is ready to be bottled.